Jung Kook from BTS performs 'Dreamers' at FIFA World Cup opening ceremony

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12 أيام قبل

Relive Jung Kook's iconic performance of Dreamers as he was joined on stage by Fahad Al Kubaisi .
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FIFA أيام قبل
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Obre01 أيام قبل
No soy Army, ni conozco mucho de BTS pero reconozco que fue una increíble presentación!! Se nota el talento y transmite una buena vibra, la emoción del mundial es una cosa increíble
Beremo sister
Beremo sister أيام قبل
정국아 자랑스러워~!!
Светлана Лана
Светлана Лана أيام قبل
Песня, объединяющая народы!!! Идеальна для чемпионата мира по футболу! Звучит, как гимн!!! ✨💖✨
Ayesha 's lifestyle
Ayesha 's lifestyle أيام قبل
Now I can imagine why this 26 year old man has millions of fans ✨
MrBa Lauro
MrBa Lauro أيام قبل
I am not a fan of BTS but this song it's amazing... Dreamers that everyone can relate to. This Jung kook has excellent talent.
Awais Naz
Awais Naz أيام قبل
Este chico comenzó a dar boletos gratis en 2013 y ahora abrió una copa del mundo, estamos orgullosos de ti Jungkook
Creative Interior
Creative Interior أيام قبل
I'm not a fan of anyone in bts, but this spectacle was so impressive, if the world has blessed them with such a fanbase, they must have so much talent.
марина вычужанина
марина вычужанина أيام قبل
Какая классная песня и неотразимый ЧОНГУК!!!!!
Becky Enriquez
Becky Enriquez أيام قبل
Muchos no son fans, crean cuando digo que para army es un orgullo que Jk se haya presentado.
Harriette Okal
Harriette Okal أيام قبل
What a time to be alive. Witnessing Dreamers, Waka Waka and Waving Flag.
Lily Bámaca
Lily Bámaca أيام قبل
Brillastes jungkook con tan solo 25 años as logrado muchas cosas te deseo mucho éxito salud amor felicidad
zahara jeon
zahara jeon أيام قبل
This is a history.. Jungkook i'm beyond proud of you
TimeBucks أيام قبل
An amazing performance
Kerem Yıldırım
Kerem Yıldırım أيام قبل
Biraz önce klibini izledim bide canlı performans görmek istedim gerçekten mükemmel olmuş bravo Jungkook
Жанна Уматова
Жанна Уматова
Великолепное исполнение
juliza guerra
juliza guerra أيام قبل
Magnífico e importante espectáculo de apertura, felicitaciones a Jungkook por su presencia, voz e interpretación, su baile, el de los bailarines y a todos los que colaboraron para esta maravillosa presentación y bellísima melodía.
Velvet•Dhampir أيام قبل
Haven’t been an army for a long time but this performance made me want to come back
Hasara Dissanayake
Hasara Dissanayake أيام قبل
I'm not a bts fan. But I really liked this song and the performance. This is like waw. Truly a brilliant performance. And i liked the lyrics as well. and after this song I listened to few of his other songs too 👏
S أيام قبل
I am not an army or anything but I have to say Jung Kook is a pure talent and charisma.. his voice and dance are just perfect, he truly did a great performance 🙌
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